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Can I change my yahoo id, name and password?

change my yahoo IDHow to change My Yahoo ID, name and Password –

When you make a yahoo mail account it ask you to complete all the registration process. To make an account you need to go the yahoo web page and follow all step by step instruction of yahoo. For making the yahoo account it ask you to enter several personal information which may include details about your name, age, sex, date of birth, id, password and sometimes phone numbers after you enter all the details it makes your account. After you complete the registration and confirmation process you can login to your yahoo mail account with id and password.

Every time you sign in to your yahoo account to use it several services like yahoo mail services you need to enter the yahoo id and yahoo password. Without these two you cannot sign in to your account. Once you will enter this two you will reach to your yahoo mail account here you can see your name that you have entered at the time of registration.

Yahoo users often have a question that whether they can change their yahoo id, name and password or not? The answers are:

Can yahoo Id be changed?

No, Yahoo id once entered in the registration process and confirmation is done cannot be changed. In simple terms yahoo id remains same for lifetime. Though you can make a new yahoo account with new Id.

Can yahoo name be changed?

Yes, your name in yahoo account can be changed. To change the welcome page display name in yahoo you need to follow easy steps:

Go to account information, select personal information and click on your name and then change it and click OK. Once you save the changes from next time yahoo will welcome you with new name.

Can yahoo password be changed?

Yes, Yahoo password can be changed also to preserve your account from being hacked a yahoo user must change yahoo password in fixed interval of time. To change yahoo password follow this steps:

Go to account setting, select account information tab, click on change password link, and enter your previous password and then your new password click on update. After you save this your password will be changed.


How to manage yahoo online safety?

Best Yahoo Online Safety Tips –

Yahoo online safetyYahoo is indeed a great service to enjoy online. It is because of its advanced services that it has captured almost all part of world. No one can avoid using the important yahoo mail service that has became the integral part of life now.

Yahoo is famous for its services. In all its multiple services yahoo mail is the widely used service all around the world. So as to use the yahoo services you need to make a yahoo account and every time to use this services you need to login into it with yahoo id and yahoo password.

You must keep you id and password preserved to you so that no one else can get access to your account. Because you’re personal information can only be used if someone gets access to your yahoo mail account. The truth is that no one gets access to your personal information until you want him to do so. Your safety is always in your hand. You can maintain you security online by taking following essential steps.

  • Managing security of your yahoo password

Your password is a lot more than just a key to login in to your account. It must be kept secure and it should be best and strong. There are rules available that entails how to make your password strong and remember that you are changing it on a regular interval to maintain security.

  • Ensure that you are using a secured online platform

An internet is a great place, but only till you are secure on it. Analyze thoroughly what you are sharing and with whom you are sharing.

  • Be careful while using mail on a shared computer

Make sure that you have sign out once you complete your work while opening mails in a public zone.

  • Stay away from virus and malicious software

If you find any virus or other malicious software try removing it as fast possible. You can also install any available antivirus software to remain secure.

For further yahoo help you can call yahoo helpline number 0800 -014 8055. The executive at the yahoo customer service  desk help you at times when you are in any yahoo problem.


What is Yahoo?

Yahoo helpYahoo is often misunderstood as a website or a server etc. People do call it with different names but yahoo as a whole is everything you require for everyday life. Just like Google, Yahoo is an ultimate search engine and like Gmail is to Google yahoo mail is the mail service provided by yahoo. Yahoo was started in 1995 it has it’s headquarter at California. It is famous for its features and services. From all the services Yahoo search and Yahoo mail is one of famous one. Other than the two well renowned services yahoo is famous for services like yahoo news, online maps, yahoo navigation, yahoo directory, yahoo dictionary, yahoo answers, yahoo games, yahoo finance, yahoo share markets, yahoo social media Flickr, yahoo sports etc. Other than this yahoo also provides several features like chat, movies of many languages, instant chat messenger named yahoo messenger, yahoo web portals, yahoo stores, yahoo advertising, video and photo sharing etc. For help in using of these services one can call yahoo tech support number anytime. 

Yahoo is an all rounder anyone having an online yahoo accounts can use all its features. Yahoo is very user friendly it is widely used in all parts of world. Other than the above facility yahoo provide tremendous network throughout the world. With yahoo people can connect worldwide. One can stay connected through messenger, social media network and yahoo mail facility. A person in India can establish a connection with a yahoo user in USA. He can send or receive mail, can chat with him using yahoo chat. Other than this with yahoo people can stay connected with yahoo video chat option.

It is because of user friendly services that yahoo is widely used everywhere. It is available in 106 languages and has 665 million daily active users and about 1 billion of monthly active users in world. Yahoo has best customer services department. One can call yahoo customer care phone number any time. This is available all day and all night so as to help people in using the yahoo efficiently. Yahoo keeps on updating so as to enhance the yahoo experience.  


Yahoo Browser Plus

Yahoo keeps on updating one or the other feature for yahoo users but many users are unaware of this fact. Even after this advancement and updates people continue with the older versions and services. The yahoo advancements are done for the welfare of the users and user must immediately update this service for better experience. For getting updates and advancement details user must download the yahoo browser plus software.

Yahoo believes in enhancing the use of yahoo for every yahoo user and thus to inform people about the update and advancement yahoo has a special feature name:

Yahoo Browser Plus

Yahoo provides this Yahoo browser plus feature to inform yahoo users about all updates. It is platform that keep on updating and informing yahoo users for new updates but many yahoo users are still not aware about Yahoo Browser plus. They are still using many old features of yahoo.

The yahoo Browser Plus is an ultimate facility that automatically upgrades the browser at which yahoo is being used by yahoo users. This acts like a basic program that increases the strength of browser and boosts it for enhancing the yahoo experience online. Other than the browser up gradation Yahoo Browser plus also installs updates automatically only after informing the yahoo user. It also adds different plug-ins that are required for yahoo and yahoo services and which are not available on the browsers. It also runs various installers after fix interval without any restart.

With Yahoo Browser plus you can update your browser without much effort and will get access to all new features and updates of yahoo every time. The best part of Browser plus is that there is no need of waiting for updates or no need of restarting your PC after every update. In a fixed interval of time it will automatically install all what is needed in the same time when you working on it. With this extensive feature of yahoo, yahoo users need not to stop their work any time or neither needs to restart browser or their PC for completing the installations and updates.


Kids online safety via Yahoo

As your child grows he/she will soon realize the worth of a mail account. With the growing world and advancement in studies and course structure computer and online education has grown tremendously. We as a parent also want our child to learn all necessary online details that could help them in future. So as to educate student about the online knowledge special courses and plans are included in the course schedule of the kids. Also special session and classes are organized for this purpose. Today every kid needs an email account for various academic as well as other purposes.

It is always important for a parent to know what child is doing online. Because everything has its pros and cons. Internet also has its disadvantages. We all know about the ill effects of the internet and thus every parent must keep a track over what his child does online. Every child has a keen interest of learning about internet and mail services. For this parents can take various steps by themselves.

Before they try to learn about mails and its features try educating them about this. For their academic use and other use create a yahoo account with your name and give it to them for learning purpose. Always keep a password that you remember so that you can login every time when you need to see which type of mails is your child sending and receiving.

Yahoo provides several features; you can teach your child to use these interesting features. A child can make a habit of reading online yahoo news that yahoo provides. It can also know about whether forecasting, he can play yahoo games. He can also use yahoo search engines in case of several queries. Whatever a child does with yahoo online parent must necessarily keep a track over it for child’s bright future.

Get more online technical help related to manage online safety of Yahoo from kids, contact Yahoo helpline number UK 0800-014-8055 for direct help.