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Yahoo helpline : How to Archive Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo helpline numebrYahoo has given many nice and advanced features with the yahoo mail so that the user can organize their mail properly. With the variety of features one of the best features of Yahoo mail is “Archive”. Yahoo has a large digital file organizer named Archive where the user can store any mail they want to keep, and can access when they want it they no need to mess up with the inbox at that time. If you feel that the mail is important for you can achieve it and, the mail that you have achieved will not be available in your inbox with your other emails. The mail you have achieved is securely tucked in the archive folder and you can access it anytime you want. For further help to this contact yahoo support number.

Here are some tips for using the Archive in your Yahoo Mail:

The archive button is found in the top bar of the inbox view screen in the Yahoo mail.

There are various ways through which you can archive your mail in Yahoo. The ways of achieving the mail are very simple and natural and almost similar. Putting a message securely in your archive organizer or expelling them from the inbox.

The first method of achieving a single email message from you is by simply tapping on the box after that to the message you need to achieve, and once it is selected tap on the Archive.

The user can achieve the various messages and mails at the same time with the similar procedure, You have to mark the multiple messages which you feel important and want to keep secured and aside from other males and afterward tap that option cache simply.

The second option to archive an important mail is directly from the message. If you got an email and after reading it you find that it is important and you need to achieve it. You can save it by easily tapping on the “Archive” button while the mall was open.

After the mail or message has been archived the user will get a notice from Yahoo informing you that you did it effectively and provide you the option to fix it. You can also have to remember that the mail you have archived will no more show in my inbox mail. Whenever you need it you should go the Archive folder to read it.

It is very use to use Archive but still in case of problems easy help can be obtained from yahoo customer care service.

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Yahoo help UK : How to Add Your Yahoo Account to iPad?

Yahoo help UKYahoo provides multiple services to its users in all parts of world. Whether it is mailing service of yahoo or search engine of yahoo it is widely used by its millions of users. Other than the two what drives the attention of its users is its other services like yahoo news, yahoo games, yahoo answers etc. yahoo provides plenty of services and each one of them is popular among its users. The main reason why yahoo is so widely used and admired is that it takes cares for its users. It provides all the services in a manner that its users can easily use them. So as to help its users it also provides help with yahoo helpline number.

Yahoo is well aware of the fact that its services is liked and used by its users. It is also aware that users use yahoo mail on dynamic platforms. When it is used on various platforms it becomes the duty of yahoo that it provides a platform that can be used widely on all types of devices. With the recent change in trends everyone is using yahoo on their mobile devices.

The best part of yahoo is that it is supported on all types of hand held devices also. Whether it is an android, iPhone or I pad you can use yahoo on all of them. The only problem with such devices is that you cannot use yahoo until you have configured its setting on your device.  Let’s learn to configure the yahoo setting on iPad

How to configure yahoo on iPad?

Step 1 – Go to iPad menu settings

Step 2 – At the bottom click on add mail account

Step 3 – Enter your name, yahoo email address, password and description

Step 7 – Click on IMAP

Step 8 – click on done

To get More information about configuring yahoo mail account with your iPad or you having any other problems related to Yahoo, you can directly call us our toll free yahoo contact number 0800-014-8055 for instant help.

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Top 7 Tips for using Yahoo Chat Rooms in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo support NumberNowadays people are busy with their work and life, both they don’t have much time in their life to meet people and us in current situation people are settled down in different places for their job so ultimately the form of communication between the people sitting in different places can be phone calls or online chat. Even though using of yahoo messenger is very easy but in case of problems you can obtain easy help by dialing Yahoo support number.

Today communication is becoming very easier people can communicate sitting at different countries with a one touch. There are different modes of communication like email, chat rooms, messenger, etc. As you all know about the Yahoo mail services, chat rooms, and instant messenger. these services are most widely used services, today among the people. But while using the services for chatting with people in group through chat rooms or messenger you have to be very careful.

Here are some of the safety tips while using the chat room or Yahoo Instant Messenger:

  • While chatting with unknown people never disclose your personal information.
  • Never use your real name while setting up your profile name which you used to chat worldwide.
  • Don’t respond to the identities that use the code words while chatting through messenger.
  • While responding to the friend request of the person you know or you don’t know, never share the confidential information like bank account number, credit card passwords, online passwords etc.
  • It is advised not to meet the person with whom you cheated on chat room and now want to meet you at unknown place. It is strictly recommended for the people who are under 18.
  • The people while chatting will ask you the questions like name, looks, age, etc. It looks like a very simple question but sharing this information may harm your identity.
  • While using the chat rooms be careful about the language you are using in the communities like religious, scholars, entertainment, literature, etc. It will leave a good impact at your interactions.
  • The computer safety precautions are recommended to save your online identity. You can also consult a remote computer support service provider for better computer security or can contact yahoo helpline number for further help.
  • It is good to avoid the new option you find in the application if you don’t have proper knowledge about it.

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Yahoo Service Number : How to Add Stationery To Your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo continues to bring innovation and creativity in its email service in order to personalize and customize the mails to make things better and easier for its users, which brings in millions of users every day and so as to help yahoo user in case of problems they can also call yahoo support number for getting easy help.

Although words can convey everything but an image can convey the whole, an image will put everything in front of the viewer whereas words will require effort to understand it and keeping this in mind Yahoo mail provides you the new feature that is stationery which enables you to tell your message effectively with the use of different styles available in stationery like holidays, to set the mood, and to form a neutral (or funny) backdrop etc.

Yahoo is now partner with Paperless Post and offering approx 50 designs that can be used via sending an email and that too these all are free.

Earlier when this feature was there it was called as outdated and old so yahoo has come up with the newer a amazing version of stationery.

Yahoo Support Number

So now you can send birthday wishes, can congratulate anyone, and do many more things in the most exciting way every time you will compose an email there will be an option to select stationery template from gallery and before sending it to the receiver you can preview it, the receiver will able to see it exactly the way you sent it irrespective of the fact that he or she is using different service provide email like Gmail or outlook. These designs are responsive on mobile devices also and whenever you select any design the fonts will automatically adjust as per the design.

 Let’s see how you can apply stationery to your emails:

  1. If you already have yahoo account login to it or else signup for new account.
  2. Click on Compose.
  3. There in the compose toolbar you will see an icon for stationery near the attach icon click on that stationery icon.
  4. Select a category from the available list like Featured, Everyday, Birthday, or Seasonal.
  5. Browse the available design template by clicking the arrows.
  6. Select the template that you like by clicking on that particular Stationery template.
  7. Once you selected a template you can preview it, if you want to change this you can and once you finalize the design, click Send.
  8. In case of any problem directly call yahoo contact number for easy help.

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Yahoo help : How To Change Your Yahoo Mail Theme?

Yahoo help UKYahoo is one of the most considered free web mail services has customized its services and features for the good, the new yahoo features are amazing and easy to use and apply which has made the mailing process smooth and attractive. It is so easy and still if you are in a yahoo problem you can take easy help by dialing yahoo service number directly.

Online experience of users should be enhanced by providing them those features and facilities which makes their tasks easy and interesting, and to accomplish this Yahoo Mail provides customization mail infrastructure where users have choices to change themes according to their preferences, there are many options available like wild, dark etc. With the help of theme you can change the default look of your mail box.

Applying themes is very simple and easy process you just need to go through some buttons and you will get a new look to your mail window. People who couldn’t find those options of choosing themes find it difficult so we come with the instructions for choosing them and that are mentioned below.

  • Step 1: open yahoo and sign in to your Yahoo Mail account if you have already but if are a new user sign up for yahoo mail account.
  • Step 2: Click the gear icon on the upper right of the window near username and then you can see the button that says “Themes” in the drop down list.
  • Step 3: click on “Themes”.
  • Step 4: Scroll down the window to see all the option available for themes.
  • Step 5: click on the options to view the preview of the themes in full window.
  • Step 6: once you decide which theme should apply click on that theme and select done from the menu and your mail window background will be availed with the chosen theme.

You can change themes whenever you want or if you want to switch to normal view you can. There are many options available for themes that will make you fall in love with your inbox but you can’t set your own picture as the background which is possible in Gmail but yahoo is still working on providing more interactive and customization features to its users.

Even after this yahoo is interesting and most widely used platform that has millions of users all around the world. For getting easy help to all yahoo problems you can call yahoo customer care service anytime.

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Yahoo -Facebook Integration with Yahoo contact number

Yahoo has all set of services for its users. So as to provide best online use yahoo provides a group of services for its users. In this competitive world of networking yahoo also understand the importance of Facebook in its user’s life and thus now it provides integration to face book to know more about this stay connected to Yahoo support contact number.

Yahoo Contact NumberWith this integration yahoo continuous to provide best services in social networking areas. With yahoo now users can also update their status online on Face book. With this integration yahoo mail users will be able to work with their face book account in the mail inbox itself. Also yahoo has worked with improving their social networking services like that with face book.

When the two popular sites like yahoo mail and facebook are integrated it is good to know that now friends at the two platforms can be linked with the two. That is when your friend is present both on yahoo and facebook you will be now able to link him on the two account such that if any updates is received by you about your friend on facebook you will be notified at yahoo mail inbox so that you can check it.

This notification and updates about your friend at your facebook account will start as soon as you are in to your yahoo mail. With your yahoo mail you can now log in to fb account also. Such that when you are emailing to your friend via yahoo you can also get its face-book profile picture in the yahoo itself.

Though this does not bring any change in the life of many yahoo users but still it is one of the advantageous and most useful update brought up yahoo for its users. Many of the yahoo user believe hat this is one of the best update that yahoo has brought till that.

With this integration yahoo is looking forward to succeed in the world of social networking with the existing competition of its rivalries.

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Yahoo missed 4 golden opportunities over past 10 years?

Yahoo started in the year 1997. After its start it managed to become one of the best mailing platforms. In few years its users grow from thousands to lakhs and then millions. Its users were very satisfied with the services provided by yahoo and it is because of the fact that it offers variety of helpful services for its users. All the services provided by yahoo are far more users friendly still if you are in any yahoo problem you can take easy help by calling yahoo contact number and easy to use it is because of this reason that it managed to capture such a big market in such a less time.

Yahoo support numberThough after few years yahoo noticed drastic change in its popularity and this was because of the prevailing competitions. Though some of the yahoo services are still so popular but it is a fact that ailing yahoo condition are not hidden now. Yahoo is definitely in trouble and is in search for something for its users.

With the recent news many news about yahoo failure came to the market which shock its users and its investors also. Yahoo which was once famous for its multiple services like yahoo finance, yahoo games, yahoo entertainment, messenger and many more is no more so popular. As per the recent spread news yahoo is looking forward to sell its core activities to an existing firm Verizon.

When studied in deepen there were so many reasons that were the reason behind the downfall of such a famous company like Yahoo. Yahoo took various wrong decisions in its tenure and some of these wrong decisions were the actual reason of its failure.

Yahoo missed golden opportunities such as:

1998 – Yahoo refuses to buy Google at $ 1 million

2002 – Yahoo tries to buy Google for $ 3 billion, Google agreed at $ 5 million but yahoo refused

2008 – Yahoo disapproved to be sold to Microsoft in $ 40 billion

2016 – Yahoo is all set to sell its core business services in just $ 4.6 billion

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