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How to Restore Deleted Yahoo Contact?

Restore deleted Yahoo Contact by Toll Free Yahoo Service Number UK

Are you facing problems with your Yahoo mail account? Then why you are not contact trained Yahoo Customer Service team UK for getting excellent solution at anytime and anywhere in the globe. Now Yahoo user facing so many issues with mail account like to recover deleted Yahoo email, recover forgotten password, Restore lost yahoo contact, Sign in problems, etc. but you need not to worry about these problems because Yahoo provides so many solutions to resolve these types of error.

There are some ultimate steps to fix your issues of mail account if any important email or contact goes missing. You can contact with Yahoo customer service team for restoring email or contact. We are providing instant solution our certified team expert working 24*7 hour for your help.

Generally, Yahoo provides the facility to restore your deleted email or contact only past 30 days, so you can dial toll free Yahoo UK helpline number 0800-014-8055 for taking a best simplest procedure for restoring deleted email or contact.

  • Login to your Yahoo account
  • Click on the contact icon left on the corner
  • Click on the deleted contacts shown below all contacts
  • Select the contact you want to restore
  • Then click restores again for confirmation
  • Then restoration process done successfully you can show your contact in contact list again.

After all, if you can face any problems during restore deleted yahoo email so you need not to worry because Yahoo support number is 24*7 hour available to provide excellent solution. We are an independent service provider; we offered instant Yahoo support for UK Yahoo users.


What is Autofill? Use Autofill Yahoo sign-in

Auto-fill is a special feature that stores relevant sign in information for your yahoo mail account. This is a feature present on your browser. If you are the only user using your PC or laptop and want to save time for entering yahoo id and password each time when you open yahoo on your browser you can use auto-fill. The Auto-fill remembers your yahoo id and yahoo password and then every time you open a yahoo sign in page on your browser it will automatically enters you id and password. After which you just need to click on sign in.

Autofill Yahoo

Many of the browsers have this facility by default and after you does yahoo log in one than more time by the same browser it will automatically save the details. But in some browsers you need to set the Auto-fill option. Every browser has different step to enable the Auto-fill option for remembering your yahoo id password.




Why i am facing Problems viewing or passing Yahoo CAPTCHA verification?

Often Yahoo uses CAPTCHA word verification for various sign in’s. It is done to protect its users against spam or some other unauthorized account access. When you enter the code it makes sure that you verify that you’re human and is not any spam-sending computer. Sometimes you may face problem with Captcha verification it is all for your safety.

If CAPTCHA code is unreadable:

If you are not able to access the captcha code you can either refresh it or can click to option Click Need audio assistance? To listen to the code.

 If you are encountering a CAPTCHA

You can face this problem while:

  • You are sending email that contains HTML, links, embedded graphics, attachments
  • You are forwarding messages like chain letters, jokes, etc.
  • You are performing too many failed sign in attempts
  • You are accessing your yahoo account from a new browser, computer, or a location
  • You are creating new Yahoo account




Is it possible to export my Yahoo Mail messages?

Export Yahoo mail Messages with yahoo help UK

In current yahoo there is no feature for exporting emails for offline storage, but with yahoo one can possibly save messages using other methods.

To Save individual emails
Copy it to a document:
1. Firstly open a yahoo email that you want to save.
2. Then highlight and copy what you want to save in the email.
3. After which you need to open a word.
4. And then paste what you have copied from email.
5. At last save the file.

Forward it to another email address
1. Firstly open a yahoo email that you want to save.
2. Then click on the Forward icon
3. Then enter the email address that you want to forward the message to.
4. Click Send.


Yahoo account is not working on Mac? Find out here for best solutions.

Yahoo is world famous email service provider and user can easily accessed own Yahoo account on any android, windows, safari and ios devices. Users just have to make certain settings and he access own Yahoo mail account. Some time users find that the Yahoo account is not run on Mac devices and user has no idea why and how to troubleshoot this problem. So here shown below few troubleshooting steps which user can perform and resolve this problem without any hurdle.

  1. First check the speed of internet connection. It should be fast.
  2. Many times Mac is asking you to enter password again and again because you have enter the wrong password then your account has been temporally block by service provider due to security purpose.
  3. Check IMAP and server setting and choose correct port number.
  4. Check your Mac version, it should be latest.
  5. Mails can be possibly delivered with the same time on other user email account or it can be delay due to lack of internet connection or due to server error if you usually face this issue again and again please contact with your email provider.

If user is still facing this problem then he can go for Yahoo customer service UK. User can use this service 24 hours through email, live chat and phone call without any charge because this service totally free for Yahoo mail users. Yahoo customer service is provide the facility of toll free Yahoo contact phone number 0800 014 8055 for directly speak to expert technician for help and guidance. Yahoo customer support team provides effective guidance to resolve the issues with customer satisfaction.


How to Create a Yahoo ID alias

Yahoo helpline For Create a Yahoo ID Alias –

By using an alias for your Yahoo ID you can keep your personal information private. By an alias yahoo account you can communicate online without having to worry about exposing too much personal information.

yahoo ID alias

How to Create a Yahoo ID alias

To create a yahoo ID alias you need to follow certain steps like:

  1. Go to Yahoo Account Information.
  2. Go to Personal info and then click Manage aliases.
  3. Now click on Add an alias option
  4. After which you need to enter your new alias.
  5. Then click Save.
  6. After that click Close

and your yahoo alias is created, You can now use it to post message boards and send instant messages. This will keep your actual Yahoo ID hidden.

Get more information you can contact yahoo support number for directly speak to yahoo customer care executive.


How to restore deleted Yahoo email from your Trash folder?

If you know what the procedure to restore deleted Yahoo email. Yahoo mail User want to keep some important email, but it had been deleted from the inbox or lost by mistake. Don’t worry; you can restore your deleted or lost Yahoo email within the last 7 days. It’s easy to move emails in your Trash back to your chooses folder like Inbox, spam, personal or other folder. Here’s how.

contact yahoo uk

In Yahoo Mail:

  1. Go to Sign In page
  2. Click Trash
    • Trash folder shows below inbox folder.
      – Your Trash folder’s contents appear to the right.
  3. Select those messages who deleted unfortunately and you want to restore.
  4. Click on Move
    – A pop-up window displays your folder list and you can create new folder also.
  5. Click the folder you want to move the messages.
    • Choose the place where you restore deleted Yahoo lost email.

Your selected emails restore successfully into the folder.

Yahoo support contact number

We are a third-party service provider, we are specially designed Yahoo customer support service team for all Yahoo mail user. Our team member is well trained and certified by Microsoft, our yahoo tech support team provides 24*7 hours service for resolving your Yahoo mail problems and any other problems like restore deleted email, lost Yahoo email, recover deleted yahoo contact and it also provide best appropriate solution. You can call us our toll free Yahoo phone number UK for directly speak to trained executive for any type of help regarding follow above procedure when you restore deleted Yahoo email or any other help related to Yahoo mail.


Folders in Yahoo Mail

You are often confused while you want to manage you mail in yahoo mail. Sometimes you wish that you ahd an option to manage mails and divide it as per categories or subject titles. Do you know you can managed mails in folders.

Yahoo provides folders options for its users. One can create different folders with different title so that you can store mails of relevant mails in relevant folder of the category. This will help you to search mails in the category folder whenever you come to your mail next time. You will simply click on folder to search relevant mail of that category. This will make your task easy and will save your time.

How to manage Folder in Yahoo mail?

  • Your folders resides in a collapsible list at  the Left Navigation column after you sign in to your mail.
  • You need to click  on the “Folders” so as to collapse or expand your  folders list.A collapsed list of folder will be displayed once you point  arrow  at it. click on folder so as to view it.
  • You can also search the folder by its name by searching it in content area.

After creating the Folder you can :

  • Delete the folder
  • Rename the folder
  • Move emails to folder
  • Add a sub folder to it


How to Reset Yahoo Email Password?

Effecting Guideline To Reset Yahoo Email Password

Yahoo is well known free web mail service found in the year 1997 by American Company Yahoo. It is third largest free web based email service and it used by the 290 million people all around the world. We know very well Email service is one of the most important and suitable medium of communication. You can access this email service anytime and anywhere all around the world. But unfortunately you have forgotten the password of Yahoo email account, and then you can’t access your account so you need to pay extra attention to secure and protect your Yahoo password. It is very important to change the password on a regular basis. We are not remembering a password of all accounts, it’s very tough task for everyone. If you do not successfully put your password or you have entered the wrong password when log In your account, then your account will be locked automatically after few attempting.

yahoo helplien number

When you create a new Yahoo account, you can enter the three important information like alternative email address, phone number for verification and you have entered the some security question for updating purpose. This information helps to reset Yahoo password, password change, password recovery, after you forgot your password unfortunately.

Contact Yahoo UK for Yahoo helpline

Yahoo help UK provides full support when you unable to reset your Yahoo mail password and any other problems related to Yahoo email. If you are suffering from  Yahoo email password problems like change Yahoo password, reset Yahoo email password and recover Yahoo forgot password etc. so you can follow given below step to resolve your all Yahoo mail issues.

  1.   First step – go to the home page of yahoo mail “”
  2. Click the gear icon on the top right of the page and then click on the “account info” option all the way on the bottom.
  3. Click the “Sign In” button to continue
  4. Click “change your password” under “Sign In and security option.”
  5. Enter your current password, choose a new password and then verify a new password.
  6. Click on continue and then you receive the confirmation message of “you have successfully changed the password”

One thing is very important when you choose a new password of your Yahoo account. The strength of the password should be strong with minimum 8 characters long and it consists with a mixture of alphabets, Number and symbols. The strength of the password will be shown on the current windows of the browser where you enter the password. However, if you face any problems after the follow above procedure and change or resetting the password of your Yahoo mail account then you can contact Yahoo UK technical support team. We are Third Party Tech Support provider can assist you to resolve all your technical issues related to yahoo email. Our technicians are well certified and trained to provide on call support and thus are capable of delivering instantaneous solutions. You get in touch 24*7 hours with Yahoo customer service number via contact Yahoo UK 0800-014-8055.

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How Can Fix Yahoo Email Problems ?

Yahoo Email Problems Helpline For All Yahoo Mail Users

If you have any issues related to Yahoo account then you need not to worry about them because you can get instant solution for the Yahoo email problems you are facing with your Yahoo account. Yahoo is world’s largest & famous email service provider and it is used by the people all over the globe for managing their work their work or personal life. Now email service is very important for various organizations as it helps them to organize their meeting, take important decision,, sending and receiving message, communication between different organizational units and setting reminders for their important task.

Yahoo helpine uk

There are many issues occurring with Yahoo mail account like lost password, password reset or change, data transfer, email configuration, password recovery etc and these problems occur due to lack of knowledge, technical issues of server or lack of email service knowledge because to which people requires perfect place to get solution and this is only possible with Yahoo Support Number.

Yahoo customer service number

Yahoo customer service number of Yahoo has the best solution for all of your Yahoo related issues you face with Yahoo mail. Yahoo support contact number provides toll free Yahoo Support service that can be easily accessed any time anywhere. Yahoo customer service is the best way to get solution because we save your time and money. Thus it’s a wonderful way to get the solution just sitting at your home, office or any other place.