Can I change my yahoo id, name and password?

Can I change my yahoo id, name and password?

change my yahoo IDHow to change My Yahoo ID, name and Password –

When you make a yahoo mail account it ask you to complete all the registration process. To make an account you need to go the yahoo web page and follow all step by step instruction of yahoo. For making the yahoo account it ask you to enter several personal information which may include details about your name, age, sex, date of birth, id, password and sometimes phone numbers after you enter all the details it makes your account. After you complete the registration and confirmation process you can login to your yahoo mail account with id and password.

Every time you sign in to your yahoo account to use it several services like yahoo mail services you need to enter the yahoo id and yahoo password. Without these two you cannot sign in to your account. Once you will enter this two you will reach to your yahoo mail account here you can see your name that you have entered at the time of registration.

Yahoo users often have a question that whether they can change their yahoo id, name and password or not? The answers are:

Can yahoo Id be changed?

No, Yahoo id once entered in the registration process and confirmation is done cannot be changed. In simple terms yahoo id remains same for lifetime. Though you can make a new yahoo account with new Id.

Can yahoo name be changed?

Yes, your name in yahoo account can be changed. To change the welcome page display name in yahoo you need to follow easy steps:

Go to account information, select personal information and click on your name and then change it and click OK. Once you save the changes from next time yahoo will welcome you with new name.

Can yahoo password be changed?

Yes, Yahoo password can be changed also to preserve your account from being hacked a yahoo user must change yahoo password in fixed interval of time. To change yahoo password follow this steps:

Go to account setting, select account information tab, click on change password link, and enter your previous password and then your new password click on update. After you save this your password will be changed.


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