Customization Yahoo! Mail with Yahoo help Theme

Customization Yahoo! Mail with Yahoo help Theme

Yahoo has always been a leading mail providing network. After it came to existence it has evolved timely which has successfully made it advance and the most used mail platform. As of now yahoo is a leader in mails services and it targets millions of users worldwide. With yahoo users are more likely to receive the most latest and advance services and thus users prefer yahoo. Yahoo is also so widely preferred because it is user friendly and easy still if in case users face any issues using their yahoo platform they may obtain easy help from yahoo mail contact number.

Yahoo has always been user’s platform and it makes sure user may get out of their yahoo platform. Yahoo brings in the latest and user oriented services. Some of the user oriented features on yahoo platform are:

Yahoo Colour Customization

The coolest way to customize a Yahoo Mail is by changing the color of the yahoo inbox. Changing colours options is simplest and quickest way to make a real change in interface. Even though you get the coolest graphics and font style on yahoo by default but with change in colour you may change the way you use your yahoo account. Yahoo provides everything to you with which you can modify the look of your yahoo account.

As if now yahoo can help you switch various colour option with this your Yahoo inbox could be purple, your Yahoo could be red and your Yahoo could be blue it is particularly your choice.

Changing the Themes of Yahoo Inbox

While you want to change colour themes on yahoo you may get this feature under Settings options. After entering into yahoo settings you need to choose the Themes option and from here you may assign a different color to yahoo MailBy default the colour of Yahoo Mail interface is blue but if you wish you can change this and select the colour of your choice from among six more available colour choices. To change the colour go to setting and click on the “Options” here you will get “Colors” choice when you will click it a drop down menu will get open which will show you seven shades of colour from where you can select one.

Changing colour and theme is easy on yahoo but if you need easy help to this you may obtain it from yahoo help phone number.

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