Folders in Yahoo Mail

Folders in Yahoo Mail

You are often confused while you want to manage you mail in yahoo mail. Sometimes you wish that you ahd an option to manage mails and divide it as per categories or subject titles. Do you know you can managed mails in folders.

Yahoo provides folders options for its users. One can create different folders with different title so that you can store mails of relevant mails in relevant folder of the category. This will help you to search mails in the category folder whenever you come to your mail next time. You will simply click on folder to search relevant mail of that category. This will make your task easy and will save your time.

How to manage Folder in Yahoo mail?

  • Your folders resides in a collapsible list at  the Left Navigation column after you sign in to your mail.
  • You need to click  on the “Folders” so as to collapse or expand your  folders list.A collapsed list of folder will be displayed once you point  arrow  at it. click on folder so as to view it.
  • You can also search the folder by its name by searching it in content area.

After creating the Folder you can :

  • Delete the folder
  • Rename the folder
  • Move emails to folder
  • Add a sub folder to it

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