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How to Prioritize The Emails in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo is ultimate mail platform that can be useful for its users when used appropriately. It is the only platform that provides various services right with the enhanced mail services. All these services can be used right at the yahoo mail account itself and user need not to go to any other platform for their various online needs. All the services of yahoo are quiet easy to use still if in any case users face any problem using any of the yahoo application easy help may be obtained from contact yahoo uk phone number anytime.

yahoo mailWhen you use yahoo as a common mail platform you are most likely to receive enhanced and secured mail exchange experience online but with this your inbox is often clogged with thousands of mails these because yahoo is your common mail platform. For this yahoo provides various features that can be used by users to enjoy managed mail experience and you can take following actions online on yahoo:




  1. Mark as read /unread – Mark those mails as read which are not important to you and unread those mails you want to read it later.
  2. Sent to folder – There are various folders by default in which mails can be moved or you may create your own folder to store emails in it.
  3. Flag a mail – You can flag those mails which are really important for you.
  4. Archive a mail – You can send a mail to archive which you want to access later.
  5. Delete a mail – Delete those mails immediately which are not at all important to you.
  6. Save a mail in drafts – You may save those mails in drafts which you want to later forward or edit and resend again.

The most important thing which user may do to stay manage online on yahoo is deciding the priority of mail as soon as they enter the inbox. Make a habit of deleting unwanted mails, sending low priority e-mails folders, and archive folder, saving mails that are later important to you and accessing important mails first. Surely the unimportant e-mail distract you, unnecessarily take your time and take your focus away from the e-mail that are really important and awaiting for your immediate attention thus learn to prioritize to stay updated on yahoo. This is easy once you get it into your habit but still if in any case you face any problem get easy help from yahoo support number.