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Why i am facing Problems viewing or passing Yahoo CAPTCHA verification?

Often Yahoo uses CAPTCHA word verification for various sign in’s. It is done to protect its users against spam or some other unauthorized account access. When you enter the code it makes sure that you verify that you’re human and is not any spam-sending computer. Sometimes you may face problem with Captcha verification it is all for your safety.

If CAPTCHA code is unreadable:

If you are not able to access the captcha code you can either refresh it or can click to option Click Need audio assistance? To listen to the code.

 If you are encountering a CAPTCHA

You can face this problem while:

  • You are sending email that contains HTML, links, embedded graphics, attachments
  • You are forwarding messages like chain letters, jokes, etc.
  • You are performing too many failed sign in attempts
  • You are accessing your yahoo account from a new browser, computer, or a location
  • You are creating new Yahoo account