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Yahoo Contact Number: What was Yahoo 360? Does it exist now?

Yahoo contact numberYahoo in the year 2005 introduced all of us with one of the new portal called Yahoo! 360. Yahoo 360 was a portal made by Yahoo for social networking and personal communication. Here users can create personal websites for them, they can share photos from Yahoo! photos, can create blogs and maintain list for it, can create public profile and can also able to see their online friends.

It was previously launched as an invitation only service and later it was launched with its full fledged services. It was launched in some of the countries around the world they are United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Vietnam. The people with the age 18 and more can use this.

Some of the features of Yahoo 360 are:

  • Groups are made to connect the people of same interest
  • With Friends Updates users can see the latest activities of their friends
  • Users can share photos from Yahoo and Flickr
  • Users can make a complete List of their interests, their favourite movie, books, etc
  • With Quick comments user can leave short messages and comments on other people’s blogs and pages
  • Testimonials are made so that user can review and praise other individuals.
  • Themes are available which are customized and pre built.
  • Users can include RSS feeds for themselves and others from favorite sources.
  • Blasts are introduced for users to make quick posts or ideas that are neither published in the blog nor archived.
  • Users can Review Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel Yahoo! Local, and Yahoo! Games.

Yahoo 360 when launched got many visitors but it gets a huge drop down from the year 2006 to 2007. On Oct 2007 Yahoo announced that it will not provide assistance for bug fixing to Yahoo 360. And soon in the year 2009 when its Beta service was in the development process Yahoo announced that Yahoo 360 will be officially closed on July 2009.

Yahoo removes the unused apps and keeps on implementing new apps for its users. With this its only aim is to help yahoo users in times. These apps are sometimes and difficult to understand in such cases easy and instant help can be taken by calling yahoo service contact number. By calling this yahoo helpline number you will get best solution to all your yahoo problems.

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Yahoo Support Number : New Yahoo widgets and gadgets Update

Yahoo Support NumberLearning new things and stay updated with new updates have always been a fun. People enjoy learning new things and same is with new yahoo updates. Yahoo brings update for its users and their ease of use and its users adopt these changes very fast and praise yahoo each time for its new updates. Yahoo is indeed one of the best email services and it is because of its updated approach. It updates itself and thus it is so popular and favorite for users.

Same is with the new yahoo gadgets and yahoo widgets update. This are updated feature of yahoo that are not that tough to learn and use. These are easy to use codes that make everything more attractive and meaningful in yahoo. People use this with theirs mails, as their signatures on forums and in their blog posts to make them more attractive.

This yahoo gadgets and widgets are way more than the existing features and can be used in different information to update any information or to make it more useful and attractive. The best part of this yahoo widgets and gadgets it that you can include this on your personal space like that in your website or in your blogs. For example you can include the yahoo weather or yahoo finance widget on your website to make it look more appealing to the visitor coming to your website.

Building a Yahoo Widget, MySpace Widget is simple but with this simple update you can stay updated and attractive. There are about more than 1000 widgets on yahoo all this can be used by its users anytime. It is almost impossible to know about each of them but with yahoo some of these widgets come as a default with the yahoo mail account. Each widget works as small application with the yahoo platform and it has its own set of functions and responsibilities to perform.

Being several in numbers all this is provided with yahoo as an integrated application to help its user to stay updated in all means. With this interesting widgets who would say no to a software that helps in checking stock quotes, accessing iTunes, organizing your Flickr images, checking your WiFi signal and getting the latest travel news all together at a same platform.

For any of the help to any type of yahoo problem you can call the yahoo technical support number . By calling this Yahoo support contact number UK you will get instant and correct help immediately.

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Yahoo Service Number : New Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo Support NumberYahoo! is a platform that keeps on updating itself and its services according to the time and technology. This are changed that are most required by users. It makes changes for its users and recently Yahoo has redesigned its homepage to make it more interactive & enjoyable .Yahoo has brought up this update for desktop as well as for iOS and Android App. With the updating Yahoo’s homepage becomes easier to use for the user now. The user can find all things in one place now. There are many things which become new with the redesigning of Yahoo page.

Let’s have a look on the changes that have been made on Yahoo’s homepage:

  1. The accessibility of homepage is more improved so that users can easily browse over all things over homepage.
  2. It is easy to find the things over the homepage as white space is given between the items and topics are highlighted with the larger fonts and high contrast.
  3. Now it become very easy to find a community and to do conversation with them, now users can follow any latest story in a nearly infinite news stream.
  4. You will find the list of Yahoo services on the left column with large icons and more visibility.
  5. The article readers get very happy that they got infinite scrolling feature on article area. Now they don’t have to search the articles which waste their time.
  6. You will get the weather report on the bottom right of your yahoo page of the area from where you are browsing.
  7. You will get the list of the latest news and videos which are in trend all around the world.
  8. Yahoo page display the branding advertisements for the users to keep them connected with it.
  9. The business people find the most updated rates of stock market all the time over the Yahoo page.
  10. Yahoo users are allowed to follow the trending news and stories and if the story gets new update users get instant notification for the news they are following.

Yahoo users have got many new things with the Yahoo both on mobile and desktop. Now it becomes easier for them to use Yahoo!

For further help to any problem with any service of yahoo call the yahoo service number. With this number you can get instant yahoo help to all types of yahoo problems.

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Yahoo help : How you can secure your Yahoo Mail account?

Yahoo search engineYahoo help plays an important role in internet communication world. Not only a famous web search portal, but Yahoo is also a trustworthy email service provider and yahoo mail handle the problem in just one click. And for an extra layer of protection to your yahoo mail account one can add two- step verification method. Two-step verification uses your password and an extra security code to verify your identity whenever you log in to your yahoo account. Even if someone else guesses your account password, they will be stopped if they do not have access to your different devices or accounts and without using two- step verification. (This is also why it’s more important to use different passwords for all your yahoo accounts.)

It will only trigger the first time you use your device or if you’ve recently cleared your browser’s cache. If you lose your mobile phone, please log in using a device which we recognize.

Some other party apps, such as iOS Mail and Outlook, don’t work with two-step verification enabled. To use these apps, user will need to generate an app-specific password.

Turn on or off two-step verification on or off

  1. Go to your Yahoo Account info page and log in to your account.
  2. Click “Account Security” option.
  3. Below the “Two-step verification,” faucet the “On/Off” icon and enter your mobile number carefully.
  4. To enable two-step verification, it will be important to verify your mobile number.
  5. Click “Send SMS” to get a text message with a verification code.
  6. Now enter the verification code which is received on your phone.
  7. Click the “Verify” button.

Now you`re ready to verify. If you want to turn it off?

Simply faucet the On/Off icon below “Two-step verification” within the place wherever you probably did to show it on. After disabling two-step verification. You will no longer get any notifications when you enter your account from a new and other location.

Yahoo Tech support number

We are a third party yahoo customer support service provider catering highly informative and easy tech solutions to individual and organizations. With the help of our versatile and highly trained expert technicians, we deliver best customer support via our yahoo support contact number UK in few minutes.

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Yahoo help UK: Yahoo Updates for its Homepage and App

Yahoo has declared a redesign to both its US landing page and the Yahoo application; both changes bring another configuration went for making it less demanding to find and make discussions and in addition news and other substance. One of the huge changes is consistency the Yahoo application and the Yahoo US homepage are currently in a state of harmony with each other, showing the same substance for a more streamlined procedure.

In addition to other things Yahoo empowers its clients to get to more substance speedier than before recently, wiping out the need to open articles in various tabs. There’s in line scrolling feature to see related articles, and in addition curated content chosen by Yahoo editors, and customized content. A heart symbol pulls up related stories too. The framework will take in your inclinations as you browse and change it to your tastes.

yahoo help UK

The upgrade additionally has rolled out a few improvements to commenting; with Yahoo all the more vigorously pushing the group and discussion parts of its stage. Comments are currently exhibited in line, and can be pulled up independently from the substance, making it less demanding to program through what others are discussing.

The new experience, which outwardly is an incremental advancement of the last few outlines Yahoo has utilized, is worked around a news feed concept. This utilizes a minor variation on the infinite scrolling, conveying a much more miscible client experience than past emphases have overseen.

Yahoo’s business issues are very much reported, and it urgently needs to encourage some brand reliability, while likewise boosting its income stream. As you utilize Yahoo, your inclinations and interests will be recorded and used to convey more substance that Yahoo’s AI supposes you’ll like. The additional time you contribute with Yahoo, the better your feed will be; in principle, in the long run bringing about a feed that is all executioner and no filler.

Continuous occasions, creating stories, and breaking news, in the meantime, are additionally somewhat more open with this upgrade, as they’ll get overhauls progressively. Clients can get notices for when one of those substance pieces has been updated those in the US ought to see the progressions on the landing page now, and Android and iOS clients with the Yahoo application.

For instant help to any yahoo problem call our yahoo technical support helpline number. You can dial this yahoo contact number for help to any yahoo problem.

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Yahoo! Video Guide App for Mobile Users

Yahoo today is planning to gain by the string cutting pattern and customers’ developing connection to gushing video services with the dispatch of another application called Yahoo Video Guide. The application, accessible now on iOS and Android, will help you find new films and TV shows to watch on HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and different administrations, then permit you to dispatch titles specifically in the video applications you as of now have introduced on your cell phone.

The bigger issue Video Guide is attempting to explain is one of discovery. While in the satellite TV period, buyers had on-screen directs that would let them know what shows were on which stations and when, cutting edge spilling benefits frequently miss the mark on their suggestions. Despite the fact that Netflix has consistently attempted to enhance its proposal calculation throughout the years, the client interface on its service and on a hefty portion of its rivals still tends to push its included and selective substance rather than more customized recommendations.

yahoo support contact number UK

Yahoo surprisingly is by all accounts taking a stab at something somewhat new with its Video Guide application. It is presenting a mood picker that can help you choose what to watch in light of how you’re feeling at the time. In any case, the usage is somewhat gimmicky you search through GIFs that match your inclination and the application will make proposals taking into account fit, the organization says.

Where the application really offers leverage over a portion of the other spilling TV guides is that it breaks down which gushing video applications you as of now have introduced on your telephone before modifying its guide when the application’s setup procedure. That implies you won’t keep running into substance proposals that you can’t really watch.

Yahoo Video Guide additionally scores reward focuses for its connecting with client interface which is both basic and natural, as it works a considerable measure with thumbnail pictures. It stays to be seen whether the outsider application will persuade enough individuals to utilize it as opposed to going head-on to the video spilling administration they are utilized to, yet it sounds promising. The application can be downloaded on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and clients may get to it without the requirement for a Yahoo ID.

With this yahoo has provided advanced features for its mobile users. To obtain help for recent yahoo updates or any other yahoo help call the yahoo support contact number UK.

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