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Yahoo help UK : How to Add Your Yahoo Account to iPad?

Yahoo help UKYahoo provides multiple services to its users in all parts of world. Whether it is mailing service of yahoo or search engine of yahoo it is widely used by its millions of users. Other than the two what drives the attention of its users is its other services like yahoo news, yahoo games, yahoo answers etc. yahoo provides plenty of services and each one of them is popular among its users. The main reason why yahoo is so widely used and admired is that it takes cares for its users. It provides all the services in a manner that its users can easily use them. So as to help its users it also provides help with yahoo helpline number.

Yahoo is well aware of the fact that its services is liked and used by its users. It is also aware that users use yahoo mail on dynamic platforms. When it is used on various platforms it becomes the duty of yahoo that it provides a platform that can be used widely on all types of devices. With the recent change in trends everyone is using yahoo on their mobile devices.

The best part of yahoo is that it is supported on all types of hand held devices also. Whether it is an android, iPhone or I pad you can use yahoo on all of them. The only problem with such devices is that you cannot use yahoo until you have configured its setting on your device.  Let’s learn to configure the yahoo setting on iPad

How to configure yahoo on iPad?

Step 1 – Go to iPad menu settings

Step 2 – At the bottom click on add mail account

Step 3 – Enter your name, yahoo email address, password and description

Step 7 – Click on IMAP

Step 8 – click on done

To get More information about configuring yahoo mail account with your iPad or you having any other problems related to Yahoo, you can directly call us our toll free yahoo contact number 0800-014-8055 for instant help.

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Top 7 Tips for using Yahoo Chat Rooms in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo support NumberNowadays people are busy with their work and life, both they don’t have much time in their life to meet people and us in current situation people are settled down in different places for their job so ultimately the form of communication between the people sitting in different places can be phone calls or online chat. Even though using of yahoo messenger is very easy but in case of problems you can obtain easy help by dialing Yahoo support number.

Today communication is becoming very easier people can communicate sitting at different countries with a one touch. There are different modes of communication like email, chat rooms, messenger, etc. As you all know about the Yahoo mail services, chat rooms, and instant messenger. these services are most widely used services, today among the people. But while using the services for chatting with people in group through chat rooms or messenger you have to be very careful.

Here are some of the safety tips while using the chat room or Yahoo Instant Messenger:

  • While chatting with unknown people never disclose your personal information.
  • Never use your real name while setting up your profile name which you used to chat worldwide.
  • Don’t respond to the identities that use the code words while chatting through messenger.
  • While responding to the friend request of the person you know or you don’t know, never share the confidential information like bank account number, credit card passwords, online passwords etc.
  • It is advised not to meet the person with whom you cheated on chat room and now want to meet you at unknown place. It is strictly recommended for the people who are under 18.
  • The people while chatting will ask you the questions like name, looks, age, etc. It looks like a very simple question but sharing this information may harm your identity.
  • While using the chat rooms be careful about the language you are using in the communities like religious, scholars, entertainment, literature, etc. It will leave a good impact at your interactions.
  • The computer safety precautions are recommended to save your online identity. You can also consult a remote computer support service provider for better computer security or can contact yahoo helpline number for further help.
  • It is good to avoid the new option you find in the application if you don’t have proper knowledge about it.

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Yahoo -Facebook Integration with Yahoo contact number

Yahoo has all set of services for its users. So as to provide best online use yahoo provides a group of services for its users. In this competitive world of networking yahoo also understand the importance of Facebook in its user’s life and thus now it provides integration to face book to know more about this stay connected to Yahoo support contact number.

Yahoo Contact NumberWith this integration yahoo continuous to provide best services in social networking areas. With yahoo now users can also update their status online on Face book. With this integration yahoo mail users will be able to work with their face book account in the mail inbox itself. Also yahoo has worked with improving their social networking services like that with face book.

When the two popular sites like yahoo mail and facebook are integrated it is good to know that now friends at the two platforms can be linked with the two. That is when your friend is present both on yahoo and facebook you will be now able to link him on the two account such that if any updates is received by you about your friend on facebook you will be notified at yahoo mail inbox so that you can check it.

This notification and updates about your friend at your facebook account will start as soon as you are in to your yahoo mail. With your yahoo mail you can now log in to fb account also. Such that when you are emailing to your friend via yahoo you can also get its face-book profile picture in the yahoo itself.

Though this does not bring any change in the life of many yahoo users but still it is one of the advantageous and most useful update brought up yahoo for its users. Many of the yahoo user believe hat this is one of the best update that yahoo has brought till that.

With this integration yahoo is looking forward to succeed in the world of social networking with the existing competition of its rivalries.

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Yahoo Contact Number: What was Yahoo 360? Does it exist now?

Yahoo contact numberYahoo in the year 2005 introduced all of us with one of the new portal called Yahoo! 360. Yahoo 360 was a portal made by Yahoo for social networking and personal communication. Here users can create personal websites for them, they can share photos from Yahoo! photos, can create blogs and maintain list for it, can create public profile and can also able to see their online friends.

It was previously launched as an invitation only service and later it was launched with its full fledged services. It was launched in some of the countries around the world they are United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Vietnam. The people with the age 18 and more can use this.

Some of the features of Yahoo 360 are:

  • Groups are made to connect the people of same interest
  • With Friends Updates users can see the latest activities of their friends
  • Users can share photos from Yahoo and Flickr
  • Users can make a complete List of their interests, their favourite movie, books, etc
  • With Quick comments user can leave short messages and comments on other people’s blogs and pages
  • Testimonials are made so that user can review and praise other individuals.
  • Themes are available which are customized and pre built.
  • Users can include RSS feeds for themselves and others from favorite sources.
  • Blasts are introduced for users to make quick posts or ideas that are neither published in the blog nor archived.
  • Users can Review Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel Yahoo! Local, and Yahoo! Games.

Yahoo 360 when launched got many visitors but it gets a huge drop down from the year 2006 to 2007. On Oct 2007 Yahoo announced that it will not provide assistance for bug fixing to Yahoo 360. And soon in the year 2009 when its Beta service was in the development process Yahoo announced that Yahoo 360 will be officially closed on July 2009.

Yahoo removes the unused apps and keeps on implementing new apps for its users. With this its only aim is to help yahoo users in times. These apps are sometimes and difficult to understand in such cases easy and instant help can be taken by calling yahoo service contact number. By calling this yahoo helpline number you will get best solution to all your yahoo problems.

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Yahoo help UK: Yahoo Updates for its Homepage and App

Yahoo has declared a redesign to both its US landing page and the Yahoo application; both changes bring another configuration went for making it less demanding to find and make discussions and in addition news and other substance. One of the huge changes is consistency the Yahoo application and the Yahoo US homepage are currently in a state of harmony with each other, showing the same substance for a more streamlined procedure.

In addition to other things Yahoo empowers its clients to get to more substance speedier than before recently, wiping out the need to open articles in various tabs. There’s in line scrolling feature to see related articles, and in addition curated content chosen by Yahoo editors, and customized content. A heart symbol pulls up related stories too. The framework will take in your inclinations as you browse and change it to your tastes.

yahoo help UK

The upgrade additionally has rolled out a few improvements to commenting; with Yahoo all the more vigorously pushing the group and discussion parts of its stage. Comments are currently exhibited in line, and can be pulled up independently from the substance, making it less demanding to program through what others are discussing.

The new experience, which outwardly is an incremental advancement of the last few outlines Yahoo has utilized, is worked around a news feed concept. This utilizes a minor variation on the infinite scrolling, conveying a much more miscible client experience than past emphases have overseen.

Yahoo’s business issues are very much reported, and it urgently needs to encourage some brand reliability, while likewise boosting its income stream. As you utilize Yahoo, your inclinations and interests will be recorded and used to convey more substance that Yahoo’s AI supposes you’ll like. The additional time you contribute with Yahoo, the better your feed will be; in principle, in the long run bringing about a feed that is all executioner and no filler.

Continuous occasions, creating stories, and breaking news, in the meantime, are additionally somewhat more open with this upgrade, as they’ll get overhauls progressively. Clients can get notices for when one of those substance pieces has been updated those in the US ought to see the progressions on the landing page now, and Android and iOS clients with the Yahoo application.

For instant help to any yahoo problem call our yahoo technical support helpline number. You can dial this yahoo contact number for help to any yahoo problem.

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Advantages of Yahoo helpline number

Yahoo Helpline Number 0800-014-8055

Yahoo is a service that is used worldwide by millions of its users. Used for both professional as well personal use yahoo is used worldwide. With its interesting user friendly services yahoo provides ultimate connectivity throughout the world. Yahoo mail is the widest mail services used in all parts of world. With yahoo one can also use its various services like yahoo games, yahoo sports, yahoo finance, yahoo groups, yahoo answers, yahoo forecasting etc.

Yahoo helpine number

Using of all this yahoo services is very easy any one can use this service by making a yahoo online account. Yahoo also provides ultimate yahoo support for its client with this it wants to help its users in times of any yahoo problem.

Separate firms also provide best yahoo helpline. By calling the yahoo contact number of such firms’ one can get instant and appropriate help.

The advantages of yahoo phone number are:

  1. It provides best help for all the yahoo problems:Once you call this yahoo helpline number you will get extremely useful help which can take you out from any yahoo problem.
  2. Such yahoo number can provide help for various yahoo problems – One can get best help for various issues like security password and e-mail.
  3. This is an online help – You need not to move anywhere or not require making any efforts you can get instant help just by calling this yahoo number.
  4. Get rapid and instant solutions – This yahoo customer care phone number provides speedy alternative solution. By calling this number one can get best solutions at maximum ease.
  5. This number is available 24/7 – This number is an all time available number that can be called any time help is required. That is it can also be called at any time in night or in evening as it is available to help all the time.
  6. Extensive solution: Best solution is provided by trained and skilled executives that understand the problem and provide instant solution that help you to get rid of your problems.

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Can I add an email address to yahoo without actually creating a new one?

Yahoo Support for Yahoo Email Help UK

Yes in some cases you want to create and alias of an existing account. It is situation when you need an extra email address then the existing one. If you want an additional yahoo email but are not interested in making a whole new account you can simply add an extra email just by following few simple steps. This extra mail is nothing just an email address that you can add to your existing Yahoo Mail account.  With this newly added mail you can do following things:

  1. With this extra email mails can be sent and received.
  2. It will also have same inbox and password to the account it has been added.
  3. It is not a separate Yahoo ID or Yahoo Mail account.

How to create an extra email address?

  1. Go to Settings menu icon and there select Settings options.
  2. Then click on Accounts.
  3. After that click your Yahoo email address.
  4. Under this option you will get Extra email address option there click on Create address.
  5. Select best name that suits you and enter your name there that you want to appear before”@yahoo.com,”
  6. Then click on Check Availability.
  7. Once the chosen name is available click Choose or select from suggested options.
  8. Complete the verification process by entering the CAPTCHA code
  9. And then click back on Go to Inbox.

You new email has been created.

One can only have 1 extra email address connected to the main mail at a time. As per the yahoo rules this email address can only be changed twice each year. You can also delete this account if it is not required.

How to send mail via this new email?

Sending of mail from this new mail is very easy. You can also select to use any one of them as default mail for sending mails by selecting the email address from the drop down menu appearing in the Default sending account of writing mail in Settings. Steps for sending mails:

  1. Go to Compose option for sending a new mail or open a draft message.
  2. Now select your extra email address with the help of pull-down menu.
  3. Now select the address from which you want to send the mail from.
  4. Complete the final process of composing of your mail.
  5. And lastly click

Get any more help related yahoo mail so contact our yahoo helpline number of Yahoo tech support UK department for instant live technical support.


How to manage yahoo online safety?

Best Yahoo Online Safety Tips –

Yahoo online safetyYahoo is indeed a great service to enjoy online. It is because of its advanced services that it has captured almost all part of world. No one can avoid using the important yahoo mail service that has became the integral part of life now.

Yahoo is famous for its services. In all its multiple services yahoo mail is the widely used service all around the world. So as to use the yahoo services you need to make a yahoo account and every time to use this services you need to login into it with yahoo id and yahoo password.

You must keep you id and password preserved to you so that no one else can get access to your account. Because you’re personal information can only be used if someone gets access to your yahoo mail account. The truth is that no one gets access to your personal information until you want him to do so. Your safety is always in your hand. You can maintain you security online by taking following essential steps.

  • Managing security of your yahoo password

Your password is a lot more than just a key to login in to your account. It must be kept secure and it should be best and strong. There are rules available that entails how to make your password strong and remember that you are changing it on a regular interval to maintain security.

  • Ensure that you are using a secured online platform

An internet is a great place, but only till you are secure on it. Analyze thoroughly what you are sharing and with whom you are sharing.

  • Be careful while using mail on a shared computer

Make sure that you have sign out once you complete your work while opening mails in a public zone.

  • Stay away from virus and malicious software

If you find any virus or other malicious software try removing it as fast possible. You can also install any available antivirus software to remain secure.

For further yahoo help you can call yahoo helpline number 0800 -014 8055. The executive at the yahoo customer service  desk help you at times when you are in any yahoo problem.