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Can I add an email address to yahoo without actually creating a new one?

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Yes in some cases you want to create and alias of an existing account. It is situation when you need an extra email address then the existing one. If you want an additional yahoo email but are not interested in making a whole new account you can simply add an extra email just by following few simple steps. This extra mail is nothing just an email address that you can add to your existing Yahoo Mail account.  With this newly added mail you can do following things:

  1. With this extra email mails can be sent and received.
  2. It will also have same inbox and password to the account it has been added.
  3. It is not a separate Yahoo ID or Yahoo Mail account.

How to create an extra email address?

  1. Go to Settings menu icon and there select Settings options.
  2. Then click on Accounts.
  3. After that click your Yahoo email address.
  4. Under this option you will get Extra email address option there click on Create address.
  5. Select best name that suits you and enter your name there that you want to appear before”@yahoo.com,”
  6. Then click on Check Availability.
  7. Once the chosen name is available click Choose or select from suggested options.
  8. Complete the verification process by entering the CAPTCHA code
  9. And then click back on Go to Inbox.

You new email has been created.

One can only have 1 extra email address connected to the main mail at a time. As per the yahoo rules this email address can only be changed twice each year. You can also delete this account if it is not required.

How to send mail via this new email?

Sending of mail from this new mail is very easy. You can also select to use any one of them as default mail for sending mails by selecting the email address from the drop down menu appearing in the Default sending account of writing mail in Settings. Steps for sending mails:

  1. Go to Compose option for sending a new mail or open a draft message.
  2. Now select your extra email address with the help of pull-down menu.
  3. Now select the address from which you want to send the mail from.
  4. Complete the final process of composing of your mail.
  5. And lastly click

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The “Me–mailers” feature of Yahoo

Me mailers

yahoo mail supportIf you’re someone who is regularly sending emails to yourself then me-mailers feature of yahoo is best for you. With this you can send photos, videos and notes to yourself via email.

Definitely in some cases you wish you can send a mail to yourself. This is possible with yahoo. You can simply send a mail to yourself just as you sent it to others. For sending this you need to include your own yahoo email address at the place of senders address. After sending you will receive a mail on your inbox that you have sent to yourself. This mail can include anything a photo, a video, an attached file, document, some details or personal information. The best part is that a yahoo user can sent information with this mail which he want to access in future and want it to  be stored in a mail format.

This is in cases when you’re using your inbox as a to-do list for such yahoo users Yahoo takes an extra-special care. With this facility now you can send mails with shortcuts. To send a mail to yourself you can just long-press the compose button or can simply click the Plus (+) icon on your message.

The improvement of the new feature of “me-mailers” is interesting. Though there are roughly 20 percent of Yahoo users who frequently send emails to themselves with different notes and photos but with this it wants to enhance yahoo user’s experience. This feature will help them to create a note of their files and important details. With this there is also a feature that enables you to add icons, company logos etc and also automatically creates initials for everyone else.

The new me-mailer app of yahoo looks pretty good as it helps a yahoo user to work much faster than their predecessors. It is true to say that the new Yahoo Mail has taken several steps in the right direction so as to enhance the experience of the yahoo users online. This updates and advanced features will surely attract many new ones, though it already has many and many users today also.

Yahoo Support number for Yahoo help

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