Verizon Is Killing the Yahoo News Digest App

Verizon Is Killing the Yahoo News Digest App

yahoo newsYahoo is killing off the Yahoo News Digest application. This was a fabulous little application that shunned fancy odds and ends for being straightforward and simple to utilize. What’s more, it’s leaving. We point the finger at Verizon, which as of late finished its acquisition of Yahoo for $4.5 billion.

Yahoo hasn’t done much directly finished the previous couple of years; however Yahoo News Digest was an uncommon feature in a bedlam of cruddiness. You know, similar to that entire adventure where 1 billion clients had their info and data stolen. Furthermore, now, with little flourish; Yahoo is killing off its News Digest application.

Today Yahoo Customer Service experts are here to represent some new about Yahoo related services.

An Impassioned Obituary to your Yahoo News Digest App

As first noted by someone on Twitter, Yahoo News Digest application is no more, with Yahoo covering the application. The Yahoo News Digest group closed down by reporting, we won’t make any new processes as of June 30, preceding including, We’ve loved serving you folks every one of these years.

At the next web composed an impassioned tribute for Yahoo News Digest, and makes some extraordinary points. There’s a pattern for applications equipped for doing everything, except a portion of the best applications accessible are those that do only one thing extremely well. Furthermore, without much complain or trouble.

Yahoo News Digest app was one of those applications, conveying news in a basic and direct way. Maybe it was excessively basic and clear. Which implied it never fully end up noticeably well sufficiently known to survive the move to Verizon? In any case, seeing Yahoo’s best application being separated is disappointing.

The Yahoo News Digest Was Surplus to Needs and Requirements

Yahoo feels like a spent power with small putting it all on the line. Be that as it may, at that point Verizon has quite recently paid $4.5 billion to secure its assets, so maybe not. It’s deplorable that Verizon has esteemed Yahoo News Digest as surplus to needs, yet this won’t be the last Yahoo property to go bye-bye.

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