What is Autofill? Use Autofill Yahoo sign-in

What is Autofill? Use Autofill Yahoo sign-in

Auto-fill is a special feature that stores relevant sign in information for your yahoo mail account. This is a feature present on your browser. If you are the only user using your PC or laptop and want to save time for entering yahoo id and password each time when you open yahoo on your browser you can use auto-fill. The Auto-fill remembers your yahoo id and yahoo password and then every time you open a yahoo sign in page on your browser it will automatically enters you id and password. After which you just need to click on sign in.

Autofill Yahoo

Many of the browsers have this facility by default and after you does yahoo log in one than more time by the same browser it will automatically save the details. But in some browsers you need to set the Auto-fill option. Every browser has different step to enable the Auto-fill option for remembering your yahoo id password.



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