Yahoo help : Extra Ways to Secure User Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo help : Extra Ways to Secure User Yahoo Email Account

yahoo helpNow a days every user want to secure data which they are entered online for getting different services. There are several ways through which you will get high security for your data so that all personal data will be saved. Here you will find some tricks which will help you to keep your data safe and secure.

There are many different ways of protecting your data. Yahoo is a very popular web-mail service provider in the world. With this user can send mails and messages anywhere in the world. For utilizing the services of yahoo mail user have to make email account on yahoo sites and for making email account user has to enter some personal information. So for protection of this personal data as well as other data.Following are some way of protecting the yahoo email account:

1. By Changing Password: Generally, once at the time of sign up user create password, then user use that password for a long time. Don’t use this way always keep changing the password more often so that no one can break your protection. Since changing password, user has to follow some steps
Go to account
Go to secure
Click to change the password
Check for reset option

2. Two Factor Authentication Setup: This is called as a second sign in verification. For this setup go to sign in and security in user account information. When the user opens the account or login the account he/she get a security code every time on the mobile by entering it he/she can access its account. This security code cannot be accessed by anyone else.

3. Recent Login Check: For this go to sign and security and see your recent sign-in on that activity.

4. Password change: Whenever a user change the password don’t use the same password. Since it enables user protection. Always keep your password strong by using special characters and number.

These are all different ways of protecting the yahoo email account. By following these you can always protect your email account perfectly, but if still user needs more protection for this user can contact yahoo customer service provider.So they provide some further external protection and for this user can contact through toll free yahoo contact number 0800-014-8055 at 24*7. This external service definitely gives full protection of user data. User can also get some online support for this protection .

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