Yahoo help UK : How to Add Your Yahoo Account to iPad?

Yahoo help UK : How to Add Your Yahoo Account to iPad?

Yahoo help UKYahoo provides multiple services to its users in all parts of world. Whether it is mailing service of yahoo or search engine of yahoo it is widely used by its millions of users. Other than the two what drives the attention of its users is its other services like yahoo news, yahoo games, yahoo answers etc. yahoo provides plenty of services and each one of them is popular among its users. The main reason why yahoo is so widely used and admired is that it takes cares for its users. It provides all the services in a manner that its users can easily use them. So as to help its users it also provides help with yahoo helpline number.

Yahoo is well aware of the fact that its services is liked and used by its users. It is also aware that users use yahoo mail on dynamic platforms. When it is used on various platforms it becomes the duty of yahoo that it provides a platform that can be used widely on all types of devices. With the recent change in trends everyone is using yahoo on their mobile devices.

The best part of yahoo is that it is supported on all types of hand held devices also. Whether it is an android, iPhone or I pad you can use yahoo on all of them. The only problem with such devices is that you cannot use yahoo until you have configured its setting on your device.  Let’s learn to configure the yahoo setting on iPad

How to configure yahoo on iPad?

Step 1 – Go to iPad menu settings

Step 2 – At the bottom click on add mail account

Step 3 – Enter your name, yahoo email address, password and description

Step 7 – Click on IMAP

Step 8 – click on done

To get More information about configuring yahoo mail account with your iPad or you having any other problems related to Yahoo, you can directly call us our toll free yahoo contact number 0800-014-8055 for instant help.

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