Yahoo help UK : Why to keep a Strong Yahoo Password

Yahoo help UK : Why to keep a Strong Yahoo Password

Keep strong yahoo passwordOver the internet, your Email accounts are like the locked rooms or safes, which contain your valuable personal data and private information. The keys to these accounts are the passwords. If someone gets your password then they will able to access your account and all the data and information stored there. They can use your account and its data for anything like phishing, spam people about fraudulent offers or malicious downloads, sending malware etc.

Yahoo the free web email provider offers best services and have millions of users as the target of hackers and once you have secured mail login you can use all such services efficiently without any fear of loss or online threats.

Suppose you may have stored your bank account details there, if someone will get to know your password he will login to your mail account to gain access to all such information and can use that information. Therefore, we need to keep our account safe. Yahoo recommends users to keep the account password as strong as possible. One can follow these steps:

How to make a strong Yahoo password 

  • Choose a password that is difficult for others to guess but you can remember.
  • Avoid using real words or names.
  • Use at least 8 or more characters: a longer password is more secure.
  • Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special character in a combination.
  • Don’t use your personal information such as names, dates etc that can be easily figured out by anyone like name of your mother, father, spouse, birthday, anniversaries etc.
  • Don’t use a past password, use the fresh one
  • Avoid the obvious and sequence.
  • Use different password for different account.
  • You can use sentences or pass phrases.
  • Change it timely
  • Don’t share it with anyone

Using a strong yahoo password is the best and easiest way to keep s your account safe and secure from vulnerabilities. You can follow this certain rules to be preserved on yahoo mails.

For better us of yahoo you must abide all the rules of keeping yahoo password safe. It is because password is a key to any mail login and once you lost it you may loss access to your mail account and the information stored on it. In case of any yahoo mail problem take instant help by calling yahoo service number.

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