Yahoo helpline : How to Archive Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo helpline : How to Archive Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo helpline numebrYahoo has given many nice and advanced features with the yahoo mail so that the user can organize their mail properly. With the variety of features one of the best features of Yahoo mail is “Archive”. Yahoo has a large digital file organizer named Archive where the user can store any mail they want to keep, and can access when they want it they no need to mess up with the inbox at that time. If you feel that the mail is important for you can achieve it and, the mail that you have achieved will not be available in your inbox with your other emails. The mail you have achieved is securely tucked in the archive folder and you can access it anytime you want. For further help to this contact yahoo support number.

Here are some tips for using the Archive in your Yahoo Mail:

The archive button is found in the top bar of the inbox view screen in the Yahoo mail.

There are various ways through which you can archive your mail in Yahoo. The ways of achieving the mail are very simple and natural and almost similar. Putting a message securely in your archive organizer or expelling them from the inbox.

The first method of achieving a single email message from you is by simply tapping on the box after that to the message you need to achieve, and once it is selected tap on the Archive.

The user can achieve the various messages and mails at the same time with the similar procedure, You have to mark the multiple messages which you feel important and want to keep secured and aside from other males and afterward tap that option cache simply.

The second option to archive an important mail is directly from the message. If you got an email and after reading it you find that it is important and you need to achieve it. You can save it by easily tapping on the “Archive” button while the mall was open.

After the mail or message has been archived the user will get a notice from Yahoo informing you that you did it effectively and provide you the option to fix it. You can also have to remember that the mail you have archived will no more show in my inbox mail. Whenever you need it you should go the Archive folder to read it.

It is very use to use Archive but still in case of problems easy help can be obtained from yahoo customer care service.

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