Yahoo Service Number : How to Add Stationery To Your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Service Number : How to Add Stationery To Your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo continues to bring innovation and creativity in its email service in order to personalize and customize the mails to make things better and easier for its users, which brings in millions of users every day and so as to help yahoo user in case of problems they can also call yahoo support number for getting easy help.

Although words can convey everything but an image can convey the whole, an image will put everything in front of the viewer whereas words will require effort to understand it and keeping this in mind Yahoo mail provides you the new feature that is stationery which enables you to tell your message effectively with the use of different styles available in stationery like holidays, to set the mood, and to form a neutral (or funny) backdrop etc.

Yahoo is now partner with Paperless Post and offering approx 50 designs that can be used via sending an email and that too these all are free.

Earlier when this feature was there it was called as outdated and old so yahoo has come up with the newer a amazing version of stationery.

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So now you can send birthday wishes, can congratulate anyone, and do many more things in the most exciting way every time you will compose an email there will be an option to select stationery template from gallery and before sending it to the receiver you can preview it, the receiver will able to see it exactly the way you sent it irrespective of the fact that he or she is using different service provide email like Gmail or outlook. These designs are responsive on mobile devices also and whenever you select any design the fonts will automatically adjust as per the design.

 Let’s see how you can apply stationery to your emails:

  1. If you already have yahoo account login to it or else signup for new account.
  2. Click on Compose.
  3. There in the compose toolbar you will see an icon for stationery near the attach icon click on that stationery icon.
  4. Select a category from the available list like Featured, Everyday, Birthday, or Seasonal.
  5. Browse the available design template by clicking the arrows.
  6. Select the template that you like by clicking on that particular Stationery template.
  7. Once you selected a template you can preview it, if you want to change this you can and once you finalize the design, click Send.
  8. In case of any problem directly call yahoo contact number for easy help.

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